Our Culture & Values

Our values and behaviors are focused on maximizing employee development and satisfaction.

  • Winning: We are relentless for success. We always play to win. We never give up until we get the desired result.
  • Modesty: We do not discriminate. We treat everyone equally and with respect. We provide praise when it is due and open and honest criticism when it’s required.
  • Ownership: We don’t hide from responsibility. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s painful, but we don’t let go until the job’s done.
  • Communication: Communication binds us together, motivates us and gives us direction. It’s the lifeblood of success.
  • Team Work: We understand the power of team. We work together to achieve our goals. And we celebrate our successes as ones.
Ethics Services(P.) Ltd.
3rd Floor, Agricultural Development Bank,
Maharajgunj (Way to Thai Embassy)
Kathmandu, Nepal.

Telephone: +977-1- 4377244
Fax: +977-1- 4375799
Email: info@ethicsservices.com.np